Who am I?


My name is Agatha Wang and I was born in the state of Pahang in Malaysia.

My high school nickname is Dolphine because I have always loved dolphins. 

I studied my undergraduate in Marine Science in Sabah before coming to the UK and eventually completing my masters at Cardiff University in Computer Science.

I have always supported green products and always believe that "a small change can make a big difference". I am re-using all possible materials as my green packaging for my handmade crafts. I believe you can make a difference too by supporting the concept.


The beginning..

Since my first workshop in 2011 my humble beginnings as a new found hobby crafting for friends and for fun quickly turned into accepting commissioned work to now taking the first few steps to becoming a fully fledged online business where I still continue to “roadshow” from time to time. Below is a selection of venues for you to view.

- Cardiff Summer Festival 'Hub Creations' on Saturday 16th Aug 2015, Cardiff (10:00-17:00)

cardiff summer market.jpg


- Roath Craft Market on Saturday 9th Nov 2013, Cardiff (9:30-13:00)



- St Illtyd's Catholic High School on Thursday 28th Nov 2013, Cardiff (16:00-18:00)



- Solus Christmas Fair, Students Union on Wednesday 4th December 2013, Cardiff (11:00-15:00)



- Ysgol Ifor Bach in Abertridwr Primary School, Cardiff on Thursday 5th December 2013 (14:00-16:30)



Craft Awards

Malaysia Clay Art Most Liked Winner (Mother's Day and Teacher's Day competition) 2015 Award


Runner up Hobbycraft May 2014 Award



Besides crafting...

I love travelling and I’ve listed below places I plan to go to again (and the reason why)

MIT - Boston (I didn’t take any daytime photos of Harvard University)

Times Square, Central Park - New York (To top the Empire State building and shopping)

Road trip / mountain view - Scotland (My FAVOURITE views)

St Peter - Vatican city (The church has never stopped impressing me)

Windmill village - Amsterdam (I want to visit all the workshops)

Mattherhorn - Zermatt (I think for skiing?)

Church - Cologne (Lovely guys everywhere..LOL)

Notre Dame - Paris (To climb to the top)

The Forbidden city and the Great Wall - Beijing (This has also never stopped impressing me)

Food and shopping paradise - Taiwan (I will definitely go again and again and again)

New places to explore in the near future: Santorini, Barcelona, Helscimk, Oslo……...


Besides travelling...

Cooking - especially Asian food

Baking - cookies

Knitting - scarves, vests, gloves

Papercrafts - Christmas cards, photo albums, paper puppets, bookmarks (I once sold my own designed bookmarks in high school)..

Flower wrapping - I once sold my owned designed bouquets during convocations at my university (UMS)

Photography - snapping the best moments in life

Reading - fantasy, travel, national geographic, history, fiction, geography