What is this?


From rocks.. to clay...to beautifully handcrafted set creations...

Air dry clay requires a carefully handed sequence individual to each creation. Once you begin each piece must be completed and ready before the material hardens and cannot be reshaped. However new addition and accessories can be added. As the clay comes in a variety of sharp colours each piece is crafted out from a coloured block. The materials have been imported from South East Asia and acrylic / oil paints have been used for the finishing touches to each piece.

Guaranteed high quality and completely environmentally friendly. Welcome to Dolphine's clay craft showcasing inspirational pieces from my travels, dreams and gifts hand crafted and personalised for my dear friends and customers around the world.



What services are offered?

No two are the same, every piece that I have made is unique, the only one in the world. I can also put a date, names or special message/wishes, different colours, specific theme to customise it to your exact requirements. I also accept special orders if you have any special ideas, just contact me for further discussion.

Customisable presentation e.g. you can request your purchase to be designed for your fridge, hung from somewhere or lay flat down so that you can stick it to your art work/ wood craft. As each piece is handcrafted and unique actual pieces may vary a few millimetres from the stated dimensions. I have also left the clay unvarnished because I like the texture so please let it dry naturally if it accidentally gets wet.


In Summary

- Any desired creations to suit your needs, just ask

- Customisable presentation

- Environmentally friendly packing (where possible)

- Personalised gifts for any occasion

- Embellishments/charms suitable for suppliers as well

- Delivery cost payable by customer 

- Accept payment via PayPal or bank account transfer (UK and Malaysia only)